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Personal effectiveness

Increase your impact within the organization

  • Live your life from your values, talents and ambitions and reach your goals 
  • Make a better contribution to your organization's success 
  • Recognize your own stress signals and make powerful decisions

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2 days (6 weeks)
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Will start in December

You will learn this in Personal effectiveness

As our world becomes increasingly complex and challenging, it becomes more difficult to focus on what is important and what will move you forward. In this course, you will discover more about your values and talents and how they can help you identify your ambition and move towards it. This requires powerful choices that are deeply felt and trigger your intrinsic motivation. The resulting change is sustainable because you are committed to the results. 

The following subjects are covered:

  • The power of ambition: live and act from your values
  • Talents: exploration of your talents and how to leverage them
  • Rational Effectiveness Training and developing coping strategies
  • The power of attention: basic mindfulness exercises
  • Stress and stress management
  • Effective performance in real situations: what would you say and do?
  • Communication in an authentic and transparent manner 
  • Actions and accountability

New Heroes

During this training you will have access to the online platform New Heroes and you will work actively with assignments from the New Heroes learning journeys. You can also continue to work on your own personal strength, communication and leadership skills on your own initiative. Everything at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want.


  • You make a clear connection between your values and personal effectiveness 
  • You manage your stress signals effectively 
  • You apply mindfulness techniques and focus on subtle communication signals 
  • You recognize and deal with your pitfalls in personal effectiveness 
  • You let yourself be guided less by irrational thoughts and reactive behaviors
  • You improve the impact of your communication style and behavior
  • You make powerful choices and take accountability for your actions

Enlarge and strengthen your potential

Target audience

Your values, ambitions, and talents are of great importance to your organization. But how do you ensure that you are making an important contribution to its success? Do you know precisely what you want and what you could mean for your company? You are a professional and want to create opportunities to increase your personal effectiveness.

Choose in-person or online

When you register, you can choose for an in-person course at one of our venues. Or, register for an online course in the 'virtual classroom'. Which do you prefer? With the 'virtual class' we guarantee the same quality and results. You can read it on www.suas.nl/opleidingen-en-trainingen/virtual-classroom-en.


The total price contains the following components:


De trainingsprijs is € 1095,00 (excl. 21% btw).

Betaal je de training zelf? Dan profiteer je automatisch van een supervoordelige regeling. Je betaalt namelijk géén 21% btw, maar slechts een toeslag van 10%. Je prijs is dan € 1204,50.

Course material

The price for the course materials is € 80,12 (excl. VAT). You will receive:

  • Busy, busy, busy (book)
  • Succeskit SUAS ENG
  • Personal licence for learning environment MijnSN
  • 6 months subscription online training New Heroes

Facility costs

The price for the use of the accommodation, coffee/tea and an extensive lunch buffet is € 140,00 (excl. VAT). You obviously do not pay any facility costs if you choose the online course in the 'virtual class'.


Start and end measurement

This course improves your skills. We can guarantee that. How? Before you start your course, you take a scan. This determines your starting level and helps set the right goals. You receive a personal report. That way, you know exactly where you stand, what you want to accomplish, and how to get there. Your trainer helps you to focus and develop, in order to reach your full potential. After your training is done, you take another scan. This end measurement shows how much you’ve grown, and where you can still develop your skills further.

Course days

The total duration of the training course is 6 weeks. The training course consists of an online kick-off and 2 blocks of 1 day. Your time investment is approximately two hours of self study a week: theoretical and practical through the MijnSN learning community.

Block 1 and 2

  • 1 day from 9.30 AM till 5.00 PM

You train virtual? Then we modify the course days: a training that original takes one day, will be virtual in two days of 3,5 hours. In this way we ensure that you do not spend full days behind your screen and you stay fresh enough to absorb the information. View the schedule for your course days and times.


The maximum group size for the training course is 12 participants.


Real learning starts with the practical application of what you have learned. You will commence several practical assignments within your own organization, selecting a mentor to supervise and stimulate your learning process - before the first meeting. The mentor could be your manager or a (senior) colleague. For more information on the mentor's role please visit www.suas.nl/mentor. After three weeks you will take your experiences in this regard to the next meeting.


On completion of the training course and subject to attendance and active participation, SUAS will award a certificate. Our certificates are highly regarded in the business community.


Are several colleagues facing the same challenge? Then in-company is the ideal option. This course or training can be organized within your organization. Our specialized sister company Relevance will develop this customized training program in cooperation with you. Relevance will then adapt the assignments and examples to the practical situation in your organization.

Benefits of Incompany

  • Efficient - You bring the knowledge and competences of entire teams to a higher level in one go.
  • High efficiency - The specific learning objectives and wishes of your colleagues are central.
  • Assurance - We use current practical situations for optimal assurance of learning goals.
  • Always - You decide when we organize the course or training.
  • Everywhere - We organize the course or training wherever you want. Inside or outside your organization.

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Start now with Personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness

Increase your impact within the organization

  • Live your life from your values, talents and ambitions and reach your goals 
  • Make a better contribution to your organization's success 
  • Recognize your own stress signals and make powerful decisions

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