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Take a virtual training course

Besides taking a course in-person on one of our locations nationwide, you can also choose for the 'virtual class'.

Find out what it means to get online training in the 'virtual classroom' and discover the advantages. Which format fits your personal situation best?

A qualitative and flexible alternative

The way we work has rarely changed as radically as it has over the last few years. One of the developments that has accelerated is developing yourself through online classes. A qualitative and flexible alternative to the physical classroom. Well developed to discuss the same theory, to share knowledge and experiences, to practice and work on group assignments and to give and receive feedback. 

You can therefore continue to choose to follow your training or education online in the 'virtual classroom'.

Important advantages that we hear are the lack of travelling time and that a class day is virtually given in two half-days. In this way, you are not spending whole days behind your screen and you remain fresh enough to absorb the material and get back to work in the afternoon.

What is the virtual classroom?

If you choose the online version of the training or education, you get access to a safe virtual classroom. We use the online platform Zoom as standard. If there is a specific wish from the group, Microsoft Teams can also be used.

You receive the link from us and you meet the trainer or teacher and the other participants from your group via your laptop or PC - at the dates and times specified in your class schedule.

Your trainer or teacher will ensure an instructive and varied meeting, in which you are not just sitting behind your screen. Besides theory and assignments in breakout rooms, for example, there are also sufficient moments of rest. For the individual online assignments, you use the online learning environment MijnSN, just like everyone else.

We guarantee the same quality

Are you still sceptical about following a training programme online? Our team of online learning specialists has made special assignments to replace any physical or outdoor assignments. This way, we still meet our high quality standards.

We guarantee the same quality and results with a virtual training as with a training in person. You will achieve your goals, although the way you will achieve them can be slightly different. Our trainers are experts and know how to guide you online and will focus on your development goals or any other questions you might have.

Questions or need advice?

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