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Reviews Time management

7,8 van de 10

7,8 uit 11 ervaringen

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  • I liked the course very much, it gave me not only good insights into how I can improve my time management but also made me reflect on all aspects of my life, and what my values are. Time management is much more than simply improving my agenda. It is a life process, something I have always to think about and keep learning.

    Anonieme reactie
    8 van de 10
  • I liked how it was structured, I liked element of accountability which was included by finding mentor. C

    Irina Trofimova
    10 van de 10
  • The training was well organised. The location was good and easily accessible. The trainer was good and had a very good knowledge about the topic. The content was also engaging. The diverse group helped in understanding the perspective of others and how we can improve together.

    Pankaj Bisht
    9 van de 10
  • I found this training very interesting and I learned quite a lot about how the mind works regarding spending our time. I want to continue applying the knowledge that I have now to improve my productivity at work and also in my personal life. I am happy that I took part in this training. :)

    Oana Gutescu
    9 van de 10