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Reviews Leading without power

8,7 van de 10

8,7 uit 3 ervaringen

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  • My overall experience was good and satisfied. The program content and the execution was meeting the expectations. I would expect the presentation slides to be bit more informative/well formatted as it appeared like a plain slides with very simple content which sometimes could not relate clearly to the topic.

    Viswanathan, Sureka
    8 van de 10
  • The trainer was great and also the experience of learning with a very small group was very beneficial

    Maletta, Massimiliano
    10 van de 10
  • feedback input was extensively given in the first free format box of the evaluation

    Kokkinakis, Loukas
    7 van de 10
  • I have joined multiple training from S&N, it is a very good school with a wide range of opportunities to work on important soft skills.

    Colacicco, Giulia
    6 van de 10
  • Thank you for the training, Sandra. I liked the opportunity to reflect on personal development goals in safe environment. The location was also well chosen for that purpose.

    Weber, Sebastian
    8 van de 10