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Reviews Essential communication skills

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  • Very useful and practical. I was able to spot by others' opinions which aspects of non-verbal and para-verbal communication I could change to communicate more effectively. New heroes' platform is very useful as well. It let consolidate the information from the course.

    Bazaga, Laura Vilches
    10 van de 10
  • Good training, could have been spread over 2 or more days.

    Bouwhuis, Arno
    9 van de 10
  • The training was short and intense but managed to combine theoretical and practical things well. The atmosphere was open, lively, and full of energy.

    Rustandi, Natassa
    8 van de 10
  • very good training, it zooms in on the principles of communication. The provided knowledge in combination with the practices was really insightful

    Misier, Natalie Baidjnath
    9 van de 10
  • Allready shared in previous questionaries

    Waal Malefijt, Danny de
    7 van de 10
  • It was a great reflective session for me. It changed my perspective bout my own skills . I learnt where i am and had a lot of self realisation.

    Shaick Ibrahim, Kansal Mariam Banu
    8 van de 10
  • I know it would be difficult to cover communication Slikks in one day, however, the trainer tried to cover some Essential skills which were not achieved with my expectations.

    Ghanem, Ghiath
    7 van de 10
  • It was an interactive session together with other trainees. We exchanged our thoughts with each other which was a nice setup of this session. All the topics were covered well as per the agenda.

    Dhingra, Deepanshu
    8 van de 10
  • It was pretty good in terms of location, trainer and content so far. Sometimes, I have noticed that there are not enough food items available at lunch according to my diet restrictions. It will be appreciated if the participants with diet restrictions are thought of at the facilities.

    Nagarajan, Anitha Devi
    7 van de 10