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  • This course gave me some new insights into coaching, and different techniques to use in practise to help improve my coaching skills. The difference between techniques, coaching and mentoring was also explained clearly during this course.

    Griffin, Philip
    10 van de 10
  • Very interactive, challenging, stimulating learning by doing. Sometimes I could have needed more theorie, or slides shared right after the training instead of at the end. know i had to cut images during training myself if I wanted to use in practice.

    Wimmer-Boelhouwers, Patricia
    8 van de 10
  • Really great experience. It was particularly useful to have so many practical assignments during the course. The trainer was excellent.

    Schrils, Giselle
    10 van de 10
  • Before the training I had a preference to join the physical meetings instead of the on-line version. After completion I have to admit the online can also work fine. Especially moving to break out rooms worked very well. And on top it made it much easier to catch up on the session that had to be postponed due to the illness of Angela.

    Tolboom, Wilfried
    9 van de 10
  • It has been great.

    Andersen, Joyce
    10 van de 10
  • I learned somethin new, was able to interact with strangers via zoom. The only thing is that I was often in a breakout room with the same people so it got repetitive (a little)

    Connett, Jonathan
    8 van de 10
  • It was a great training and even well managed virtually by Angela.

    Raad-McAndrew, Fabian
    9 van de 10
  • My overall experience with the training is positive. I've learnt a lot new things, set of skills and I met new people.

    Doornekamp, Virgie
    9 van de 10
  • The training was good, the trainer excellent. My only two negatives is that not all messages (response to assignment and messages from SN) got emailed. And the Gallup book, too American, written poorly and feels outdated.

    Kremer, Sander
    7 van de 10
  • The training did not meet my expectations, it went well beyond that. The trainer was able to involve everyone in the training. The program was well thought out and linked theoretical information with practical excercises.

    Toom, Alexander den
    10 van de 10
  • Zeer goed

    Bakkers, Mark
    9 van de 10
  • ik ben zeer tevreden en heb een hoop geleerd in twee dagen tijd

    Vlies, Nicole van der
    8 van de 10
  • It was a great experience, specially on the sharing part to other more junior people outside and inside my organization. As said Brigitta as facilitator did a marvelous job, making sure everyone was engaged and learning at their own pace.

    Gómez, Martha Escudero
    9 van de 10
  • I already provided my comments.

    Parshina, Kristina
    8 van de 10
  • I had a very positive experience, I would definitely recommend SN.

    Ochieng, Chrispine
    9 van de 10
  • I was a good training

    Dayaram, Shaun
    8 van de 10