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Reviews How to be assertive

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  • Thank you for providing this helpful training. It was fun to participate, and I learned a lot that, with practice, I believe can help me communicate more assertively.

    Kienhöfer, Ankia
    10 van de 10
  • It is very useful/practical training. -Trainer is very well prepared. She is clear about schedules/steps/goals of both workshop. She listens and reacts to our questions. -The practices in workshops help us to understand the topic and knowing how to use it. Practical assignments before/after workshops do help me to rethink/use the method learning from the training. -All participants are very friendly and helpful. It is great to get to know others from different backgrounds. -Location of the training is easy-reaching. Food and environment is nice too. -Book for training is very practical and suits the topic very well. I would recommend the training to other colleagues.

    Shi, Jingyi
    10 van de 10
  • The training has a practical component that was effective for me right away. The idea of a mentor helping you follow your goals is really unique, is the method that for me works the best. I started applying the knowledge I got at work and also started helping other colleagues become more assertive.

    Palaghita, Elena
    10 van de 10
  • I found this training really insightful and it helped in providing me the tools to become more assertive. Overall I enjoyed the group with whom I did the training with. The instructor of the course was really knowledgeable and I learnt a lot from her. I wish that the course could have more face to face workshops in future.

    Chidambaram, Karthik
    8 van de 10
  • I enjoyed the training, i can proudly say that there are things i am excited to try out and make part of my day to day job

    Ramudzuli, Pfano
    8 van de 10