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Reviews Change management

To ensure the reliability and transparency of all our reviews, we have chosen to have our reviews collected by an external party. We have chosen the Feedback Company.

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  • Very nice, I learned a lot.

    Have, Manon ten
    9 van de 10
  • Very good and useful training. Two of my colleagues asked about this training and I think they will attend.

    Vlis, Jeroen van der
    9 van de 10
  • This training was really was an eye opener on many levels. Even though I already knew my organisation could learn a lot on change management, I got a lot more insights in the ways we didn't succeed in the past and why. It also really made me reflect on my own way of work and behavior. We initiated a few great new initiatives to do better in the future, I don't know if we would have made this step without this training. Big thanks to Jonathan!

    Vos, Manon
    9 van de 10
  • Good mix of theory and practice, learning topics for at home and exercises at location, good dynamics in the training group / trainer. With some real eye openers and a steady foundation with the Kotter 8 step philosophy.

    Blonk, Frank
    8 van de 10
  • Very professional and extensive training skills, tools and preparatory work so it really resonates and translation to pratise.

    Hout, Elke van den
    9 van de 10
  • Really good alternative for an physical training, however more adjustment is needed for future variants in terms of time between the contact moments and homework

    Christoffels, Amy
    7 van de 10